Interior Renovation is where we thrive as a company! We offer any services you could think of and many that you haven’t to give you ideas and inspiration to complete your home transformation. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with the finished product and service throughout the process.
We understand that some folks already have a defined plan while other are looking for ideas and more guidance through the process. We will take the time to sit down with you and understand your desires to serve you with top notch quality. We understand this is YOUR home and it needs to be the way you envision it!
We also offer our services to investors and flippers and understand the importance of a quality job at the right price!

Add-ons and additions to your home done right will only increase your enjoyment of your new space but also add resale value to your home. The Lynchburg and Forest, VA home remodeling and renovations builders at Overstreet Construction take pride on building unique home projects that exceed our customers' expectations.

Contact us for some great design ideas that are sure to impress!

8+ years of construction experience

We have the experience that you can trust, from start to finish, to do the job right

Custom design approach

We build the design you like, the way you like it

You are in control

We show you the options, you pick or mix and match what you want and we make it happen